Cooking With/As Metaphor: The H5P/PB Kitchen

This post was originally published on CogDogBlog on August 20th 2020.

The opening philosophical question here is, “What is a metaphor for a metaphor?” I leave that riddle for the end of this post, wherever it may end up. The blogging here has been a bit sporadic, I could pull out a sheaf of excuses from the overstuffed drawer- project business? pandemic fatigue? outside gardening? The […]

“Follow Your Passion” is Reductionist Drivel. Here’s a System that Actually Works.

This post was originally published on Blog – Cal Newport on August 14th 2020.

Here’s something that confuses me. One of the most important factors in a satisfying life is developing a career you enjoy. And yet, our national conversation on this complicated issue is laughably simple. We are, it seems, forced to bow down at the altar of an annoying little phrase: “Follow your passion.” This slogan presents […]

Deep Habits: Quit the Web (If You Want To)

This post was originally published on Blog – Cal Newport on August 14th 2020.

Swimming to Shore At some point, early in my graduate school experience, I quit web surfing. Practically speaking, this means… I don’t have a stable of web sites to quickly cycle through when bored (this used to be a big part of my surfing habit). When I do visit a web site, it’s usually to […]

How to Download Speaker Notes in Google Slides

This post was originally published on Digital Inspiration on June 10th 2020.

With Creator Studio , you can easily convert your Google Slides presentation into animated GIFs and video slideshows . The add-on can also extract speaker notes from your slides and export them as a text file in Google Drive. To get started, open…