E-Learning 3.0 Course Synopsis

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Trying to Contain my Excitement (and workload) for OWLTEH

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via GIPHY In just under three weeks the free, one-day event Learning on/with the Open Web (OWLTEH) will be happening in Coventry. It should prove a lot of fun, and you can get a sense of some of the talks … Continue reading →

IndieWebbing networkeffects.ca

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After a few years of pushing Twitter posts from https://known.networkeffects.ca I’ve decided to pull up that tent and start pushing everything from home base here at https://networkeffects.ca using https://wordpress.org/plugins/indieweb/#installation. Over the past few months I have used Known essentially as a centralized means of pushing bookmarks to http://pinboard.in/grantpotter and https://twitter.com/grantpotter.  That worked fine, but started … →

What nonfiction book should our online book club read next?

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What should our online book club read next? After reading two science fiction novels (Walkaway, New York 2140), we now turn to nonfiction about the future of education. (If you’re new to the book club, know that since 2014 we’ve … Continue reading →

The Interstellar Bounce of Flickr Explore

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Oh the mysteries of having a photo appearing in the flickr explore… The tell-tale sign is seeing a huge spike in the red dot notifications, but sometimes it’s a stream of a few folks who routinely like a bunch in a batch. But then one of them is a notice that a photo was added […]

Big Picture WordPress Theme Goes to Unexpected Places

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Speaking of HTML5 Up Themes I’ve folded into WordPress ones, I have to say my favorite might be WP Big Picture. Check out the demo site. It has the lush design of the original HTML5up theme, but what you get in the WordPress version is adding new sections merely by creating new posts, easily changing […]

Quick Peek at TWU Portfolios Project

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Since August I’ve been working on an up to now unblogged WordPress as portfolio project with Colin Madland at Trinity Western University. Let’s dash the “un”. I remember hearing of electronic portfolios from my very get go in instructional technology in the 1990s. I remember getting to know Dr Helen Barrett who even then billed […]

In Production

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I sat down this afternoon to force myself to write a blog post, as I haven’t been doing much in the way of writing of late, and am feeling a bit cramped because of it. Or perhaps it’s more fair to say that I haven’t been doing much in the way of writing of the … Continue reading In Production →