As in Enabling the Unanticipated

This post was originally published on CogDogBlog on April 10th 2019.

Like what the world needs is Yet Another Blog Post Defining Openness… (ir in my case, another post about SPLOTs masquerading as another topic?). But the wisps of this have been flitting around back to Open Education Week (when I thought, “why just do this for a week?”) but as well in anticipation of the […]

Reading The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: our plan

This post was originally published on Bryan Alexander on April 4th 2019.

Our online book club is starting to read Shoshana Zuboff’s The Age of Surveillance Capitalism. Here’s the plan. Every Monday I will blog about that week’s reading.  These posts will include a summary, some observations, and some questions.  I’ll work in … Continue reading →

Keep Blog Syndication Simple[r]

This post was originally published on CogDogBlog on February 13th 2019.

It should be simple right, if you believe in RSS and that it stands for Really Simple Syndication. Going back to DS106 in 2011 and onward to maybe 12 projects and my own teaching (currently for NetNarr), the blog syndication hub in WordPress has been at the center of a lot of work. I can […]

These Were the Flying Hospitals of the Future in 1960

This post was originally published on Paleofuture on December 20th 2018.

Do you need urgent medical care but are far away from a hospital? We’ll bring the hospital to you! At least, that was the futuristic idea behind this edition of the newspaper comic, Closer Than We Think. And while it still feels a long way off, there are signs that we’re slowly but surely moving into a direction where…Read more…

Englebarting Convergence

This post was originally published on CogDogBlog on December 7th 2018.

I consider myself so fortunate to have had a few Doug Engelbart convergences in my career. That featured image at the top was made by me after he was a guest at a 2006 NMC Board Meeting. I took my own photograph of him at the meeting and superimposed it from a screenshot of the […]

Remembering OWLTEH, Part 1: the Open Web Installations

This post was originally published on bavatuesdays on November 6th 2018.

Hard to believe it’s been more than a week since the Learning on/with the Open Web conference (OWLTEH) in Coventry. It was a great conference experience for me, and if I don’t stop and take a bit of time to capture … Continue reading →

The Road to Sharing is Not Paved With Licenses

This post was originally published on CogDogBlog on October 20th 2018.

I’ll always take “Serendipity for 500”, Alex. There was a healthy, many pathed Twitter conversation yesterday started with a statement by Robin DeRosa Thinking of changing my @creativecommons default license from CCBY to CCBYNC. I get that CCBY is the more open technically, but I’m thinking here about my vision for open (in particular as […]